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Location: /Household Cleaning

Laundry Powder 1.8kg

Laundry Powder 1.8kg

Product Information
NewBrite laundry powder is packed full of intense cleaning power. One scoop in each load helps to dissolve stains, dislodge dirt, and destroy odours. Neways has harnessed the power of three detergents, four enzymes and special oxygen-based bleaching technology to do the dirty work for you. At the end of the wash, you get fabulously clean clothes with no sign of soap residue or artificial perfume smells.

Environmentally-conscious formula. Exceptional washing results, evn at low temperatures. Suitable for all white and colourfast laundry.

Product Usage
One 50-gram scoop per load of laundry.

Contains: 5%-15%: Oxygen-based Bleaching Agent, Zeolite, Non-ionic surfactant. Less than 5%: Polycarboxylate, Non-ionic Surfactant, Anionic Surfactant. Also contains: Enzymes and an Optical Brightener.

Price: 16.80

Product Code: 5551
Quantity: Add to Basket - Independent Distributor of Neways Products