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New Vera 946ml

New Vera 946ml

Product Information
NewVera is a comprehensive and powerful blend of aloe vera plus other natural herbal extracts to support the bodies own defence mechanism. The aloe vera plant is native to Africa and has succulent fleshy green leaves from which a host of important uses emerge. Over 200 types of aloe plant are grown, but only four are suitable for use in supplements. Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most beneficial of all; which is why Neways have chosen to use this for our NewVera. The aloe plant is grown in organic soil rich in nutrients, carefully harvested and immediately refrigerated to maintain freshness. A high temperature, short time pasteurisation process ensures the aloe’s active principles remain effective. With the added benefits of natural honey, mate, fennel, bilberry, angelica, orange, lemon, grape skin and grape seed teas.

Key Points:
• A valuable source of natural antioxidants.
• Promotes a sense of general well being.
• Supports the immune system’s natural defences.
• No added water.
• No artificial preservatives, flavours or colouring.
• All naturally sourced ingredients.

Aloe Vera Blend(92%), Pear Juice, Honey(1.75%), Natural Berry Flavour, Mate Tea, Fennel Seed Tea, Bilberry Fruit Tea, Angelica Root Tea, Orange Peel Tea, Lemon Peel Tea, Grape Skin Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Blueberry Juice.

Price: 29.15

Product Code: 1869GB
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